Restoration Estimates

REPS is a team of experienced restoration-industry professionals who provide contractors with extensive estimating and consulting services. Many contractors love our services, because instead of sitting down at a monitor pecking away at a keyboard, they can get back to what they enjoy about the business: working with their clients, focusing on job details, ensuring top quality workmanship, and collecting payment.

Xactimate™ Estimating

We carefully prepare each estimate using Xactimate™ software, widely known and accepted throughout the restoration industry by insurance companies and adjusters. Our estimates will be branded with your company’s logo, location and contact information, and will contain no reference to REPS.

Our estimates are carefully put together, and will include all the project photos and specific information you’d like. When we’re preparing them, we will get in contact with your project manager as needed to verify certain aspects such as work items, potentially overlooked details, and other information.

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Estimate Finalization

We’ll work with adjusters on your behalf to finalize the total cost of the estimate. We are polite and courteous, and do what we can to help them to make their job easier, as it reflects back to your company in the form of a great image as well as quicker results. Checks get cut faster with sugar rather than salt. Some ways we help adjusters you’ll work with include:

  • Providing PDF/ESX estimate file types
  • Including detailed line item notes
  • Referencing pictures in estimate as needed
  • Facilitating communication between contractor and adjuster
  • Being polite and courteous – no shouting
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How does it work?

It’s actually very simple, and depends on whether or not we perform an on-site inspection.

You Perform Inspection

  1. You take your standard notes, photos, and sketches while on-site.
  2. Send them to us via email, Google Drive™, OneDrive™, or your preferred method of file sharing.
  3. We receive the information and create the estimate.
  4. We send a copy to you, and if you’d like, your client and/or the adjuster.
  5. That’s it! It’s really that easy. You’ll have your estimate back as soon as possible.

We Perform Inspection

If you’re local, we can meet with you to perform an on-site inspection. We’ll show up in professional attire or your company branded clothing, if provided.

We’ll coordinate with you regarding the scope of the work. Then we’ll inspect, measure, and sketch the necessary areas, and can provide recommendations based on our experience. When we’re done, we’ll shake hands, head back to the office, and you’ll have your estimate back within 24 – 48 hours. (In most cases)

Sample Backup Mitigation Estimate

View Sample Mitigation

Sample Backup Reconstruction Estimate

View Sample Reconstruction

Water and Flood

We’ll create a mitigation estimate or a reconstruction estimate for you as needed, or both if you’ll be performing all of the work. We have plenty of experience with these, and you’ll be highly satisfied with the result.

Fire and Smoke

Fire damage, smoke damage, puffback – we’ll put together the highly detailed estimates required to move forward on these types of projects. However, it is critical that you provide us with all necessary information.

Storm and Hail

We all know the extensive damage a bad storm can cause to a property’s exterior. We’ll create an estimate detailing the roof, all four elevations, and for any detached structures as well, such as a garage, barn, or gazebo.

Interested Yet?

Send us a message and give us a call. We’ll go over our process in detail, answer any questions you may have, and describe the benefits of outsourcing your estimating, so you can determine if our services may be right for you. Contact us today