Here we’ve included some great resources that we’ve put together for your use. These can be edited and changed to your liking with no credit to REPS required.

REPS Clients:

If you are a REPS client, and would like any of these documents re-purposed for your company, let us know and we can get them over to you asap. If you’d like them on your own company letterhead, we can do that too. Thank you.

Moisture Map Document

Water Damage Moisture Map

This is a simple but effective moisture map for documenting the extent of water damage in a room or rooms for the insured and insurance company.

It contains an easy-to-use grid for accurate sketches, letters with spacing for material labeling for identifying reading points, and an area for humidity/temperature/GPP readings from outside, and from your dehumidifiers.

Emergency Contact Information Document

Water Mitigation Scope Sheet

This document can help by giving you an easy way to scope each room, while also providing a full checklist so that nothing gets overlooked. It is essential for those looking to take notes on-site then write an estimate back at the office.

It’s what we use with our non-local clients, and it has been used and refined many times over. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Emergency Contact Information Document

Emergency Contact Information Document

Include this simple document in your “New Client Package” to help show your clients that you want them to be able to get in touch with someone if they have a question, a concern, or a problem. This can really help show your company cares.

Feel free to edit this document to your liking. Adding social media contact information could also be a nice touch.


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