Barrier-Free Estimates

Whether you’re a CAPS-certified contractor in need of an estimator or a lawyer looking for itemized barrier-free accessibility estimates to use in court, we can help. Our CAPS-certified estimator can write up clear and concise estimates turning a house into a barrier-free home.

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Here you can preview a sample barrier-free estimate created by REPS. Take a look at the highly detailed sketch, the line item notes explaining why certain items were included, and the thoroughness of the estimate in general.

We can help make sure that you don’t leave any profits on the table by missing line items, as well as ensure you have all of the money you need to ensure the job gets done right.

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Who is REPS?

Restoration Estimate Processing Services (REPS) creates Xactimateâ„¢ estimates for restoration contractors. We also provide extensive consultation services.

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Restoration Estimates

Let us deal with the tedious computer work.

We'll write them for you, so you can focus on finishing projects, ensuring customer satisfaction, and picking up those checks.

On-Demand Estimating

Don't need full-time estimating, but dealing with a sudden flood of work?

Free up your project managers time by letting us handling the estimating on an as-needed basis.

Barrier-Free Estimates

Are you a contractor doing barrier-free remodeling, or a lawyer who needs an estimate for a court case?

REPS can provide detailed and itemized barrier-free estimates for whatever your needs.