Remodeling Estimates

As a restoration contractor, not all of your projects may be caused by water, fire, or storm damage. Some clients just want remodeling work done, or may even want additional work performed while you’re fixing their loss. Now you can have the same professional estimating services that you use for insurance work for regular projects.

Check Out A Sample Estimate

Take a look at one of our sample remodeling estimates. We can work with you and your project managers to ensure that no line item is missed. You’ll save time writing, increase profits on the job, and be able to focus your efforts on more important tasks.

We can also provide many different reports based on this estimate, such as budgets for each trade, allowances for different materials such as tile and carpet, and much much more. Ask one of our reps for more information.

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You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I’ve been writing estimates for years? Why pay REPS to do it for me?”

We believe we can show you that perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit. Since your estimates will be created with Xactimate™, they’ll be broken down to the smallest detail, allowing you to really show your clients what they are spending their money on. Your company will stand out from the rest, as your professional, branded, and itemized estimate will look great compared to the other guy’s $6 “Contractor Pad” estimate from the local office supply store.

Your estimates can be based on your own pricing, or use Xactimate’s™ own price lists, which are updated each month. This is also a great selling point, and allows you to both explain the reasoning behind your premium pricing while also letting you easily waive certain items or upsell other items (“You can see here that laminate flooring is $x.xx/SF, but we can easily get you a beautiful ceramic tile floor for an additional $x.xx/SF”).

REPS for remodeling estimates?

  1. Spend your time on other things
  2. Differentiate your bid from the competition
  3. Using standard price lists lets you shift your clients focus from “lowest price” mentality
  4. Accurate sketch can be included with estimate
  5. Sketch-based quantities mean superb pricing calculation accuracy
  6. Itemized estimate allows for quick and easy discounts and upsells
  7. Increase your salespersons confidence in their company and product

Interested in Remodeling Estimating services?

Contact us today for more information. A caring member of our team will review your current situation, answer any questions, go over the benefits most suited to your company, and help you determine whether a free trial would be right for you.

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